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Learnbillsoft's vision is to provide training and understanding of BSS/OSS systems implemented in communication industry. The team is inclined to deliver quality functional and technical training.

Oracle SIEBEL CRM Training Offering

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Course Summary:

  • Introducing Siebel Application
  • Siebel Web Architecture
  • Siebel Configuration Strategy
  • Product Modelling
  • Order Management
  • Users Positions, Responsibilities And Organizations
  • Q&A

Siebel CRM training includes Siebel Product Demo, CRM concepts, Siebel tools introduction, hands-on exercises and Q&A sessions that will be conducted online over the internet.

Training takeaways:
  • Course is a sequence of step-by-step modules, covering usage of Siebel application and development using Siebel Tools.
  • Understanding of three layer Siebel architecture - Presentation, Business & Data Tiers. UI components like Screen, View, Applet. Business Tier including components like Business Objects (BO) & Business Component(BC)
  • CRM concepts including important entities of CRM like contact, account, order, assets.
  • Hands on training, demos on out-of the box functionality like CRM customer mgmt. ,sales and order mgmt., campaign mgmt.
  • Web-ex Recordings of sample use-cases and CRM tutorials will be provided to the learner.

The training curriculum is designed to provide Siebel CRM knowledge base that will give technical and functional person a good introduction to the capabilities of Siebel.

Those interested in Learnbillsoft's Training can write an email to

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