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Learn Oracle BRM

Learnbillsoft's vision is to provide training and understanding of BSS/OSS systems implemented in communication industry. The team is inclined to deliver quality functional and technical training.

Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Training Offering

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Oracle BRM is an end-to-end billing and revenue management system for communications and media service providers. When operators implement BRM, they can more effectively manage the revenue life cycle. BRM 12.0 is the latest release of this billing platform.

Course Topics:

  • Oracle BRM Overview
  • Pricing Configuration
  • Customer & Subscription Management
  • Trial Billing, Billing & Invoicing Processes
  • Tax Calculation
  • A/R (Payment,Adjustments, Refund) features
  • Collections configuration
  • Discounting features
  • Opcode/API customization
  • Opcode and MTA development
  • Pipeline Rating Engine, REL
  • Pipeline development (iScript, iRule, pipeline registry configuration)
  • General Ledger
  • Interfaces with Middleware/CRM/Mediation systems
  • Elastic Charging Engine(ECE) Overview
  • Pricing Design Center(PDC) - Web based UI
  • Billing Care & Billing Opeartions Center(BOC) Overview
  • Discount & Charge Sharing
  • Rerating
  • Oracle BI Publisher (Reporting & Invoice integration with BRM)


Pricing Design Center (PDC) is web based UI application intended for users to configure and set up pricing for BRM (billing) and ECE (rating). PDC is a pre-requisite for ECE.
Advantages of PDC-
  • User friendly application to setup products and discounts
  • Capability to synchronize pricing details from PDC to BRM/ECE.
  • Tools to import/export pricing details in xml format

Elastic Charging Engine(ECE) is convergent rating engine to measure charging for usage done for both prepaid and postpaid charging for different services.
Advantages of ECE-
  • Architecture based on Oracle Coherence technology to provide scalability and reliability.
  • Supports all rating and discounting features
  • Integrates with PDC to synchronize pricing data and with BRM for customer data.
  • Interfaces with Mediation (online & offline) to receive customer usage data.
  • Interfaces with policy charging systems like PCRF/PCEF for policy rules implementation.

The training is designed to provide a good introduction to the capabilities of PDC & ECE systems.


Oracle BRM training includes BRM Product Demo using Pricing Center & Customer Center primarily, billing concepts, hands-on exercises and Q&A sessions that will be conducted online over the internet.

Key points of Training:
  • Comprehensive, detailed training course with emphasis on out-of-the-box BRM capabilities
  • Customize BRM in order to fulfill specific business requirements
  • Course is a sequence of step-by-step modules, each module covering an important BRM capability
  • Hands on training, demos on out-of the box functionality like BRM pricing and rating, billing, collections
  • Steps to install Oracle BRM on Linux/Windows will be covered
  • Web-ex Recordings of sample use-cases and BRM tutorials will be provided to the learner
  • Training covered for unique business requirements as per participant's need

The training curriculum is designed to provide a solid BRM knowledge base that will give technical and functional person a good introduction to the capabilities of BRM system.

Demo Videos:


BRM test & assignment:  Click to download

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