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Learnbillsoft's vision is to provide training and understanding of BSS/OSS systems implemented in communication industry. The team is inclined to deliver quality functional and technical training.

Training DescriptionTypes
Oracle BRM Training Course
The idea of this training program is to provide functional and detailed technical training of Oracle BRM.
  • Out-of the box functionalities of OBRM will be covered first.
  • Configuration of different components of BRM will also be covered along with customization of opcodes/APIs of BRM.
  • BRM pipeline batch rating and configuration/customization of rating engine.
  • Integration of BRM with other applications like AIA (middleware), mediation etc. will also be discussed.
  • PDC, ECE and other UI based applications will also be covered in the training sessions.
Duration: 20 - 30 hours
Instructor led online course on zoom meetings, sessions can be recorded
Billing Domain Training for Communications industry
This course will give training on the important functionalities of Billing domain. Pricing, Customer/Subscription Management, Rating, Billing, Collections, GL reporting are some of critical functions of a billing system. Oracle billing product, OBRM will be demonstrated to understand this topic. Also the Out-of the box functionalities which are supported in OBRM will be covered.
Duration: 10 - 15 hours
Instructor led online course
Technology Basics Training
This training is to provide overview of different technologies useful in telecom domain.
  • C language basics
  • Java
  • Weblogic Server Administration
  • Perl Scripting
  • Unix Commands, Shell scripting
  • Database Management, PL/SQL and Query
  • Python Scripting
Duration: 10 hours
Instructor led online course

Training DescriptionTypes
Siebel CRM Overview Course
This training will cover Siebel GUI application components like views, applets of Siebel screens. Also Siebel Architecture and strategy of development will be discussed. CRM functional entities and supported CRM modules of Siebel will be covered. Siebel deployed on Windows will be demonstrated.
Duration: 10 hours
Instructor led online course
Oracle AIA Training
This training will enable professionals to understand capabilities of Oracle AIA Fusion Middleware. Oracle AIA which is based on Oracle SOA product accelerates the time to develop an integration. This training will cover the basis of Oracle SOA with the pre-built AIA Integration Packs (PIPs) for faster implementation.
Duration: 15 hours
Instructor led online course
BSS/OSS Training
This training will provide understanding of different BSS/OSS applications in communications domain. Telecom frameworks given by TM Forum like eTOM, SID, TAM will be covered. This training will provide understanding of all the systems involved in an end-to-end implementation for the industry.
Duration: 15 hours
Instructor led online course
Oracle RODOD Training
This training offers Oracle RODOD (Rapid Offer Design & Order Delivery) stack training. Training covers understanding of RODOD stack which is a comprehensive solution consisting of below BSS components-
  • Siebel CRM
  • Billing and Revenue Management (BRM)
  • Order and Service Management (OSM)
  • Application Integration Architecture (AIA)
  • Product Hub for Communication(PH4C)
Duration: 15 hours
Instructor led online course

Oracle RODOD Overview:


Oracle BRM Architecture at a glance:


Oracle BRM entities & Database:

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